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Welcome to THE Creative S P A C E
This is my home, my studio and where all the sessions and workshops are held.
Let me give you the back story. In 2018 I was teaching MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) courses around Yorkshire, and also developing the Mindfulness and Creativity side with my artist friend Clare. I attended a retreat in June, and the question to consider was, “what are you offering to the universe?” I spent the weekend reflecting on this question and knew in my heart I was no longer committed to teaching MBSR as I wanted to focus on Mindfulness and Creativity. I talked with my husband about this, and said I would prefer to work from home on Mindfulness and Creativity sessions (rather than having to lug copious amounts of materials to hired venues). Fortunately he agreed, and so the plan went into action!

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As I had been on a retreat when the idea was born it seemed natural to me that the name of this venture reflected both Mindfulness and Creativity, which for me are intimately connected and come from a place of being open to universal forces and, as much as possible, putting aside thinking to let creativity flow of its own accord. Space is one name for this essence beyond ‘myself’ where ideas are born and take shape, looking for a being to bring them into manifestation. I resonate with Elizabeth Gilbert’s wonderful interpretation of creativity as “Big Magic” and “the relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration” (2016).
What I wanted to offer was a simple space where people could come and play in a free, childlike way without any thoughts of whether it’s any good or not. These judgements on creativity can be very damning and put a stopper on the flow of creativity. If you want to be good at anything you have to practice, and this playfulness is my (and your) practice time, discovering how an idea wants to be expressed.
The name THE Creative S P A C E arose with very little effort (and a google search to check no one else was using it!) As the space is important to me I wanted to express this in the logo and so there is a space between each letter of S P A C E to indicate this.
You are welcome to come play in THE Creative S P A C E at any time, although it’s always best to book first or make an appointment to ensure I’m here and it’s free. My plan chest full of delightful papers, and dresser full of artist materials are all here for you to play with.

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From time to time, and especially at the start of a session, I use a Mindfulness bell as reminder to be present, to be wakeful and attentive to what is arising in this present moment. Listening to the sound of the bell we can recognise, acknowledge and put aside any thoughts or emotions (particularly ones such as fear and anxiety) that could get in the way of us being present.
Listening to the sound of the bell we can bring mind and body to the same place (instead of the mind being somewhere else) and simply rest.
Listening to the sound of the bell we can put aside (even if it’s temporarily) forgetfulness and remember who we really are.